Moving a FineReader Engine license to another machine/server


How do you move a FineReader Engine license to another machine/server?


There are 2 types of licenses – Software licenses, which require activation, and Online licenses, which do not require activation.

A) Software licenses

If a Software license needs to be moved from one machine/server to another, it should first be deactivated on the old one to free up an activation, and then activated on the new one. Please note that the number of allowed deactivations can be restricted by the license.

Deactivation takes very little time and is carried out with the help of a Deactivation Wizard. This wizard is built into the License Manager utility:

  • FineReader Engine 12:
  • FineReader Engine for Linux 12:

During the deactivation, the Activation File (*.ABBYY.License file) received from the ABBYY servers during activation is deleted.

The deactivation can be performed only via the Internet. Deactivation is carried out automatically and takes only a few seconds. An Internet connection is required. Once the deactivation is complete, the license can be activated on another computer.

For Software license activation steps, please refer to the following articles:

B) Online license key

Online licenses do not require activation. Therefore, to move an Online license from the old machine/server to the new one, it would be enough to simply configure the new machine/server to use the Online license.

For Online license configuration steps, please refer to the following articles:

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    Rajesh Kaja

    Hi Team,

    We don't have internet in the server to deactivate. Can you please perform that operation from your that i can install on another machine.





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