How to change Image Enhancement Profile at import time?


How to change Image Enhancement Profile at import time?


To apply the Image Enhancement Profile, please use ApplyImageEnhancementProfile (name: string) method defined on the IPage interface. This method applies the set enhancement profile to an image. If applying a profile creates new pages, they will be added to a document after the current page.

The image enhancement profile can be applied to an image on the custom script stage. To implement this stage, please perform the steps described below:

  1. Create Script stage by clicking Stage… and place it before the Recognition 
  2. Click Edit…
  3. Select Document processing as a Type and click Edit script…
  4. Paste the following code:
    IPages pages = Document.Pages; 
    foreach (IPage page in pages){
    //Specify the processing profile name in the brackets

Additional information:

Image Enhancement Profiles

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