Interface language cannot be selected when deploying FineReader PDF 16 in LAN


It is not possible to select an interface language during the interactive installation of FineReader PDF 16 on the workstations. As a result, the program is installed with the English interface language.


The interface language is automatically selected when installing the program from the administrative installation point.

When installing the program using a command line, make sure the correct command-line option is used. Some command-line options have been changed for the FineReader PDF 16 version.


To be able to set a specific interface language for FineReader PDF 16 during the installation in LAN, please follow the steps below:

  1. Perform the administrative installation with License Server and License Manager.
    Install the License Server and the License Manager > create an administrative installation point.
  2. Install FineReader PDF 16 on the workstations with a specific language via the command line using the following command:
    "%path_to_admin_point%\Setup.exe" Transforms=<LANGID>.mst

For the <LANGID> specify the language code of the required interface language: Language code.

The screenshot below illustrates the command for the program installation with the German interface language:


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