ESDK End of Sale Announcement

Subject to Your agreement with ABBYY this is a formal announcement from ABBYY communicating the official End of Sale for ABBYY Embedded SDK (ESDK) effective immediately.

The ESDK is primarily sold as an embedded OCR solution that can be leveraged by our hardware OEM partners to add OCR in conjunction with their devices. The unique approach with ESDK is that it allows the device manufacturer to run ABBYY OCR on the native hardware of the device.

With this announcement ABBYY is stopping any new sales of ESDK. Current customers will continue to be supported according to their specific contracts and agreements. However, we will not be renewing or extending the existing agreements beyond their defined expiration or termination dates.

Prospective new customers and new opportunities may consider Vantage, Vantage OCR Skill, and ABBYY OCR Container as alternative software and viable paths for delivering advanced recognition and data extraction services with a manufacturer’s hardware device.

If you have special needs or requirements, please reach out to your ABBYY sales representative or contact our ABBYY Support team via webform here.

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