Upgrade to FineReader PDF 16


How to upgrade to the latest FineReader PDF 16 version?


For an active FineReader PDF 15 subscription, an upgrade of the software to the new FineReader PDF 16 will be provided free of charge.

Active subscriptions purchased on our website

After the release of the FineReader PDF 16 version, an upgrade link has been sent to customers with an active subscription. Upgrades are performed by placing an order for the existing subscription. The upgrade order for the current plan to FineReader PDF 16 will be free (no payment required).

The subscription can also be managed in the ABBYY Checkout account associated with the email address used when placing the order. After providing the email address, you will receive an email with an access link. Once in the account, the subscription can be found under My Products alongside all available options to manage the subscription.

Active subscriptions purchased from our partners

Customers will receive an email from us with the corresponding FineReader PDF 16 licenses.

Individual users of perpetual licenses or licenses of the previous FineReader versions

Customers with a perpetual license of FineReader PDF 15 or a license of the previous FineReader version (FineReader 14, FineReader 12) can upgrade to FineReader PDF 16 by purchasing a subscription license on our website or from our reseller partners worldwide.

To find out the type of the FineReader PDF 15 license (subscription or not), please check the purchase confirmation or submit a request and specify the serial number.

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    AFR15 is a favorite but I won’t give into this subscription model which most software companies are pushing.

    It’s a shame as I want V16 but refuse to pay to not own anything. Plus there are much cheaper permanent alternatives out there.

    There should be an upgrade to 16 perpetual license


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