Training batch is created empty during processing and "Training during processing is disabled" message is seen in task logs


Even though the Training stage is present in the workflow, the training process does not happen, training batch is created with no documents inside, and the following message is seen in the Processing Server task log:

Field training is not available. Training during processing is disabled.
training issue.PNG


The Training during processing option of the Additional Fields and Features section in the Document Definition options is not enabled.



  1. Open your Project Setup Station with access to the Document Definition properties.
  2. Open the Project > Document Definitions... (or press CTRL+T).
  3. Open the required Document Definition.
  4. Open the Document Definition > Document Definition Properties...
  5. Open the Document Definition > Additional Fields and Settings > Edit...
  6. Make sure the Training during processing option is enabled:mceclip1.png

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