What is Product ID?


What is Product ID?


The Product ID (or Installation ID in the older versions of the program) is a unique identification parameter that is generated based on the computer's configuration while activating an ABBYY product. This parameter does not contain any information about the user or the user's computer that can be used to identify the user. The Product ID parameter and the serial number of the product are used to generate an activation code.

To find this parameter, follow these steps:

  1. Start the program which should be activated.
  2. The program will prompt to activate it. Click the Activate now button. 
    If the activation prompt does not appear, open the Help menu and select the Activate now item to start the Activation Wizard.
  3. Enter the serial number.
  4. Select the activation method on the website and click Next.
  5. The Activation Wizard will show the Product ID.

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