Moving locally activated Per Seat licenses to a Server


How to transfer locally activated Per Seat licenses to a Server?


  1. Install the License Server and the License Manager as described in the System Administrator's Guide.
  2. Start the License Manager, add and activate your licenses.
  3.  Remove the license files from the workstations on which FineReader was installed locally (without using any of the administrative installation tools). License files are named <serial number>.ABBYY.License.
    This file is located by the following path %programdata%\ABBYY\FineReader\<version number>\Licenses (for Windows Vista and later Windows operating systems).
  4. Restart the ABBYY FineReader Licensing Service on the workstation (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > ABBYY FineReader Licensing Service).
  5. On the workstation, launch the Setup.exe file from the administrative installation folder and click Repair to install the server version over the current one.

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