How to display changes made in the text layer of a PDF document after its editing


After editing the recognized text in the OCR Editor of FineReader PDF, the changes are not visible in the resulting PDF document.


The situation may appear if the Text under the page image saving mode is selected. In this mode, the text layer is located under the page image and thus the changes made in the text are not displayed. 


To display the edited text layer in the resulting PDF document, save a document with the Text over the page image or Text and pictures only option:

  1. Start FineReader PDF.
  2. For FineReader PDF 16: go to the File menu > Options....
    For FineReader PDF 15: go to the Tools menu > Options....
  3. Select the Format Settings tab and PDF as the document type.
  4. In Searchable PDF Settings, select Text over the page image or Text and pictures only.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Open the original document in the OCR Editor > recognize it and make necessary changes in the text.
  7. Save the document as a searchable PDF (File > Save as > Searchable PDF).

In the Text over the page image saving mode, the background and pictures of the original document are saved and the recognized text is placed over them.

In the Text and pictures only saving mode, only the recognized text and the associated pictures are saved.

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