Scanner is not available for scanning in FineReader Pro

My scanner is not displayed as available in FineReader Pro.

The situation may appear because of incorrect operation of scanner`s driver. FineReader Pro supports scanning only with ICA-compatible drivers. Make sure that appropriate driver was installed on your Mac. Try to scan document in Image Capture application (default application for scanning on Mac) in order to check if the driver operates correctly.

If your scanner is not displayed in Image Capture application follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Image Capture application.
  2. In menu select File > Reset TWAIN devices*.
    In some cases this item may be absent in menu.  
  3. Close Image Capture.
  4. Launch FineReader Pro and try to scan a document.

If you are able to perform scanning in Image Capture, but your scanner still is not displayed in FineReader Pro, please submit a request.

If you cannot perform scanning in Image Capture application then we recommend you to contact the manufacturer of your scanning device for further assistance.

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