How to activate "Security Event Log" in Administration & Monitoring console?



The security event log is an event log that records events related to the adding, deleting, and changing of user permissions, which helps carry out security audits. The logging of security events is disabled by default. You can see an appropriate notification in the Administration & Monitoring console.





The feature "Security Event Log" can only be enabled by the system administrator directly in a FlexiCapture database. To enable logs for the default tenant, insert the value in the database with the value below.

Name = LogSecurityEvents
Value = True
TenantId = Null

Find an example of the query.

INSERT INTO [LocalFC12U5DB].[dbo].[Settings] (Name, Value, TenantId)
VALUES ('LogSecurityEvents', 'True', Null )

The notification will disappear.


Find more details at Help Center in the articles with the link Security event log






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