How to get confidence rate at field/document level?


Is it possible to get the recognition confidence rate for a field/document in Vantage?


It is possible to calculate the confidence rate of a field/document (if all fields will be taken into consideration) with the help of the advanced script rule:

  • Open a Document Skill in the editor.
  • Create a text field, call it for example Confidence.
  • Add a script rule in the Confidence field Settings > New Rule > Advanced Script Rule.
  • In the rule settings, mark all fields that should be taken into account while calculating the confidence rate.
  • Make sure that the Confidence field can be changed by the rule:
  • The sample script can be as per the following:
//add fields that should be take into account
var fields = [ Context.GetField("Number") 
, Context.GetField("Date") 

var totalCount = 0; 
var confidentSymbols = 0; 

//iterate through each field in the array
for (var j = 0; j < fields.length; j++) 

var fieldCount = fields[j].Symbols.length; 
totalCount += fieldCount; 
if (fieldCount > 0) 

for (var i = 0; i < fieldCount; i++) 

if (!fields[j].Symbols[i].IsSuspicious) 

confidentSymbols += 1; 

Context.GetField("Сonfidence").Value = (confidentSymbols/totalCount*100).toString() + "%";

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