"Tools\ScanSessionImpl.cpp, 246" error message appears when scanning in FineReader PDF


The scanning process in FineReader PDF fails with the error message:

D:\Agent\_work\205\s\0\Shell\Components\Engine\Dll.Engine\Tools\ScanSessionImpl.cpp, 246.


To resolve the issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start FineReader PDF.
  2. In FineReader PDF 15: go to the Tools menu > select Options....
    In FineReader PDF 16: go to the File menu > select Options....
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. The Select Device... drop-down list should contain several scanner drivers.
    Try scanning an image using each of them. Finding a scanner driver that successfully produces a scanned image without causing an error solves the problem.

If the issue has not been resolved, please try to scan an image using the scanner's interface: How to switch to the scanner's interface in FineReader PDF.

If all of the scanner's drivers and scanning with the scanner's interface produce errors, use the TWAIN_32 Twacker application to check if the scanner's drivers are working properly.

  1. Close FineReader PDF.
  2. Download twack_32.zip attached to the article below.
  3. Unpack the downloaded archive and install the Twacker application by double-clicking Twack_32.exe.
  4. Open the File menu in TWAIN_32 Twacker and select the Acquire item.
  5. Click the Scan button in the dialog that appears.
  • If Twacker successfully scans an image, one of the scanner's drivers is working properly. Find out which one it is by opening the File menu in Twacker and selecting the Select Source item. The driver used for the successful scan will be indicated in blue. Select the same driver in FineReader PDF and try scanning. If FineReader PDF still produces an error, please submit a request.
  • If Twacker could not scan an image, the drivers for the scanner are not working properly. In this case, an update or reinstallation of the scanner's drivers is required. You can contact the technical support service of the scanner's manufacturer for assistance with the reinstallation of the scanner's drivers.

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