Timeline 6.0 Release Notes


  • New Navigation. Timeline 6.0 introduces a fresh look and a redesigned interface. The user interface has become more convenient and functional
  • Process view. In Timeline 6.0 Process view is replacing the former Process schema. The feature has undergone colossal changes, seriously expanding the functionality while retaining familiar features. It is enhanced with the new schema type called Primary path view. The name here means that it helps to see the most frequent and common flow of events. Primary path is a graph that allows finding deviations from the common flow, the reasons for such deviations, and revealing them from different perspectives. 
  • Integration with Chorus. Now paths and schemas can be also exported in a BPMN format supported by the Chorus BPM application. The format is the already familiar BPMN, but it has Chorus-specific extensions to make the import seamless. You can now easily go beyond Timeline functionality and spread your analysis tasks to other systems and share your research with colleagues choosing a suitable format. 
  • Simulation. Timeline 6.0 introduces a new analysis module called Simulation. Using the possibilities of process simulation allows you to experiment with process performance by altering the number of transactions initiated per unit of time, varying processing times, or available resources. The feature allows you to simulate potential changes in processes in a complex way and evaluate the impact of these changes on the entire business process. 

Task Mining

  • Support End of Life for Timeline versions 5.2 and previous. Please note, that after the release of Timeline 6.0, ABBYY will no longer support Timeline versions 5.2 and previous. If you need assistance to migrate to currently supported versions, please contact ABBYY Customer Support Team.
  • PDD Generation improvements. The essential task attributes now can be exported to PDD (Process Definition Document) as a description of a task. This document outlines the task and its properties in PDF format or as a Microsoft Word document and can serve as a basis for creating automation solutions.
  • Discover tasks. Spare time and effort discovering tasks with the help of this new feature. This view allows you to choose the forms you want to include and instantly create a task with them.
  • Subtasks. Timeline 6.0 offers a separate entity for the tasks that are parts of a larger one - Subtasks. Now you can detach concurrent tasks from those, that are completely integrated into other tasks. Make subtasks valid objects of analysis on the task definition step. 
  • Clone projects. Duplicate an existing project with its data to a new one to make necessary adjustments without recreating a project from scratch or affecting the initial one. Timeline complies with the privacy and data protection regulations adopted in different countries, so no sensitive information is transferred during cloning.
  • Recorder & Recording Service.
    • Web Recorder now supports a new manifest 3.0 version, that allows having all Recorder versions in one extension;
    • It is now possible to review logs' structure presented as forms in the Recorder Log Viewer.

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