How do the reporting service parameters 'startDate' and 'endDate' work?


How do the reporting service parameters 'startDate' and 'endDate' work?



For example we have the following transactions in the list for the skill:

Here is the report which we get with the following configuration:

The output CSV file is the following:

So we have only 2 transactions in the list, but there is one more transaction with ID 07fe6aeb-bb3a-458f-8e88-ec18e33cf30e which wasn't included in the list but was created 16:54:46, 15/02/2023. It isn't on the list because it ended at:

09:33:27 UTC+2 and - 2 hours to get UTC time and we will get 7:33:27 but the end interval is 7:33:22.
So in the reports, we can see the transactions that were created after 'startDate' and ended before 'endDate'.

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