FineReader PDF 16: Release 3 build

Release Date: 03.03.2023

Part number: 1435.7, 1436.7, 1437.7, 1438.7

Build number:

  • Blank pages detection in PDF Editor, OCR Editor and HotFolder. In PDF Editor and OCR Editor, it displays automatically found blank pages to the user to review them and select those to delete. In HotFolder, an option to detect and delete all found blank pages has been added.
  • Image preprocessing control has been improved. New "No preprocessing" mode has been added to the existing "Auto" and "Manual" to make it easy to turn off all image preprocessing in one click, and afterwards as easily turn it back on into Manual or Auto mode. 
  • Possibility to select pages by dragging a frame with a mouse has been added to the Organize Pages tool in PDF Editor.
  • New default OCR mode, Pull&Recognize has been applied in PDF Editor, OCR Editor, Compare Documents, and Hot Folder. When converting normal PDFs or preparing them for comparison, the new mode ensures correct digital text extraction even if the document language(s) isn't(aren't) set correctly by the user. From PDFs with mixed content (when some of the text is digital, some is in images), the new mode can extract digital text and recognize the texts in the images, providing better overall quality of conversion, without uncertainly recognized characters in the digitally extracted parts.
  • GlyphRecovery technology is applied for PDF Editor. It reconstructs encoding of characters in normal PDFs with incorrect text encoding, and thus allows editing such PDF documents and copying texts directly from them. It increases average accuracy of text extraction from PDFs with incorrect encoding by 36%. The technology successfully reconstructs text encoding in approximately two of each three PDFs with incorrect encoding. 
  • Editing of Thai language in PDFs has been improved.
  • HotFolder user interface design has been updated to the current FineReader PDF 16 style.
  • In OCR Editor, it is now possible to manually assign "Heading" role to any style, including user-defined. This allows automatic creation of bookmarks from the texts with such styles when saving the converted document into a PDF with "Create bookmarks from headings" options on. 
  • The setting "Number of processor cores used for OCR" now defines this also for background OCR processes in PDF Editor (background recognition, preparing PDF for editing).
  • End-User License Agreement has been updated.
  • Even if all image preprocessing options were turned off in Manual mode, some other image preprocessing options, not listed in the settings dialogue window, applied anyway.
  • Image preprocessing option "Correct page orientation" could incorrectly set orientation of pages with vertical texts in Chinese, Japanese or Korean languages.
  • "Use one paper size for all page images" option didn't work when combining PDFs with pages of different sizes.
  • Screenshot Reader could capture a wrong screen area on high resolution monitors.
  • Preview of PDFs in Microsoft Outlook didn't work in case of x86 Microsoft Office being used in x64 Windows OS.
  • FineReader PDF sometimes could not recognize strikethrough text.
  • PDF X-Change virtual printer component has been removed. For more details, see this article.

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