When BatchType ID are modified in the database?


What are the possible reasons for the BatchType ID value to be modified in the database?


The BatchType IDs cannot change by themselves. Only some manual changes can lead to the IDs' modification. The exact changes performed are generally captured in the Security Event log. To check what changes were made, please search for the information related to the following events:

  • BatchTypeCreated = 15 (batch type created), 
  • BatchTypeDelete = 16 (batch type deleted), 
  • BatchTypeChanged = 17 (batch type changed).

There are two possible scenarios when the batch ID are getting modified:

  1. The FCAdminTools CopyBatchType command was executed
  2. The Batch Type was duplicated

The first scenario implies that the Batch Types were copied from another project. The command will overwrite any Batch Types having the same names as the Batch Types that you want to copy. As a result, the Batch Type with the same name is getting deleted and a new one is created with exact same name. Example:

  1. Initially, the BatchType table contained only two Batch Types:
  2. The Batch Type with the same name was copied from one project (projectID = 9) to another (projectID = 8):
  3. As a result, the initial Batch Type with ID = 49 in projectID = 8 was removed and a new one with ID = 51, and exact same name was added:

In the second scenario, the Batch Type is getting duplicated. If for some reason, the initial Batch Type was deleted and the duplicated Batch Type name is changed to the name of the initial Batch Type, the Batch Type name will be the same, but the Batch Type ID will be new.

Additional information 

Security event log 



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