How to update the license in FineReader PDF


How to update the license information in FineReader PDF? 

Note: The instructions are applicable for Standalone and Per Seat license types.


To update the license parameters and information about the license, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start FineReader PDF.
  2. In the main menu go to Help > About.
  3. Choose License Info...
  4. Select the license, and click on the Update button.

5. Follow the instructions in Activation Wizard.

Additional information

"The serial number is already in use" message appears when reactivating the subscription license

Updating FineReader PDF

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    David Wallis

    The instructions given above seem to have worked, I think. However the whole process is extremely convoluted and filled with 'missing' or 'outdated' links. The user interface needs to be substantially simplified for the users who may not be a member of a software research group.

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    David Wallis

    Further to the above comment the attached jpeg shows the problem I have in updating the software.

    Hence my comments on the problems with the program. By the way, it works really well, especially with OCR.


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