Unable to print the file in FineReader PDF Editor since Release 3


After the update to Release 3 (March 2023), nothing happens when trying to print the file with a physical printer in FineReader PDF Editor. 


The issue is known to Research and Development department. It will be fixed in one of the future releases. To stay tuned for updates, please follow FineReader PDF 16 Release Notes section.

As a temporary workaround, please use one of the following methods:

  1. Open the files in FineReader OCR Editor, and cancel the recognition process (if it starts automatically). Go to File > Print > Image, select the printer and click OK.
  2. Open the files in FineReader PDF (PDF Editor), change something (for example, draw a little circle), and Undo this change. Print the files as usual.
  3. Print the files using the web browser. 

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