How to gather license usage for FlexiCapture SDK license?


How to gather usage reports for the FlexiCapture SDK Runtime license?



Currently, the FlexiCapture SDK License Manager does not have a built-in statistic gathering, however it is possible to design one on your own. A sample license page usage statistics per machine may look like this:

  • the number of pages remaining on the license via RemainingUnits API call before the start and after processing is done, more about it here: License Object
  • Subtract RemainingUnits.Finish from RemainingUnits.Start = get the number of pages used during processing.

Timestamps can be added to determine how much time it took to process, as well as count the number of pages in the target document via Pages.Count call or any external method that may be suitable, sample for PDF can be found here: Determine number of pages in a PDF file
After that, it can be written in any suitable file format. 

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