Is it possible to reference different data catalogs in By Company classification activity in multiple skills?


When using the By Company activity to classify invoices in Advanced Designer, is it necessary to use one and the same Vendor Catalog for each document skill? Is it possible to reference different catalogs?



In Advanced Designer it lists all data catalogs of the Document Issuer Companies type that exist in Vantage tenant:

If it is required to reference one and the same data catalog in several Advanced Designer skills, then just select that specific catalog.

If it is required that the skills should reference different vendor catalogs, then just first create those catalogs in Vantage, update them with records, and then select them in Advanced Designer. Just make sure that while creating a new catalog the type is set up correctly:


Additional information

Instructions on how to create and update data catalogs can be found in Help:

AU Help: Using Data Catalogs

EU Help: Using Data Catalogs

US Help: Using Data Catalogs

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