FineReader PDF 16: Release 3 Update 1 build

Release Date: 30.03.2023

Build number:

Part number: 1435.8, 1436.8, 1437.8, 1438.8

This is a maintenance release that has a number of bugs fixed.

  • Printing from PDF Editor might not work unless some other action (e.g. Undo) is done.
  • A program error "No module loaded for class 'Receipt.ReceiptSession'" could happen when converting PDFs with pages of a small size.
  • In some environments, Concurrent licenses weren't released by the time set in the GPO settings.
  • In PDF Editor, "Change line spacing" tool might not work.
  • Manual selection of barcode type for a barcode area might not be saved in certain cases.
  • When saving to a searchable PDF of "Text under the page image" type and MRC applied, background whitening might apply to the document pages even though it wasn't selected in the image processing settings.
  • A program error could happen when saving a converted document to PPTX format.
  • Filling in of interactive forms created in FineReader PDF might not be possible in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • An error in creation of checkbox and radio button elements in interactive PDF forms, which resulted in incorrect indication of checked elements with a square instead of a tick or a dot. 
    Note: the error took place in the previous Release 3 only. To eliminate the error in the forms, created with FineReader PDF 16 Release 3, it is needed to re-create checkbox and radio button elements in such forms using FineReader PDF 16 Release 3 Update 1, or an earlier release of FineReader PDF 16 other than the Release 3, if available.
  • "Undo" didn't work after deleting a part of an image using the "Eraser" tool in the OCR Editor.
  • Copyrights, authors and acknowledgments information have been updated.

Note: In case of any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.

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