How automatically refresh OAuth tokens in Flexicapture?



How automatically refresh OAuth tokens in Flexicapture?



Such a feature is implemented in the latest builds of Flexicapture.
A new service is available, called “Token Management Service.” It allows keeping and automatically refreshing OAuth2 tokens within FlexiCapture 12, specifically for export to SharePoint Online, or for import from The Microsoft Graph API and IMAP. 
This service is installed automatically as part of the Application Service and runs as IIS Service. 
Note: When upgrading from previous versions of FlexiCapture 12, for TMS to work properly you need to re-connect to the existing database (see Connecting to an existing database). When connecting to a new database, IIS pools should be recycled as well. 
Note: TMS works only for projects located on the ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Server. Authentication tokens in local projects cannot be refreshed automatically with TMS. 
Note: After the update, you will need to re-authenticate for TMS to catch the authentication token and refresh it automatically in the future.
The latest build is available here: FlexiCapture 12 Distributed
Before the update, please create backups of database/file-storage and projects: Backup Guide 

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