How to block export for specific vendors


There are two vendors (A and B) with the same address like street, city, and ZIP, and with the same template format, but with different names. Is it possible to export documents for only one of these two vendors (Vendor A), and prohibit the other one (Vendor B)?


The following solution works in such a way that the document from the blocked vendor (Vendor B) gets recognized, but it is not exported:

To do this: 

  1. For Vendor B, make sure the name is different from Vendor A.
  2. On Project Setup Station, go to Project > Document Definitions... > Edit... > Export Settings... > Export to data files > Edit... and set up a new condition for the export, just as seen below:
  3. The vendor name should be not equal to the name of Vendor B, thus blocking its export. This is done in the Export Condition window with the Does not belong to set condition:
    This will export all the vendors but the ones you specify in the conditions.

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