How to send a document to a dedicated stage if one of the fields is empty?


How to move a document to a dedicated stage in the workflow if a set of fields are blank after Recognition? If the set of fields is blank the document should not proceed to Verification, but instead directly go to the custom stage created for this.


I.e. there are Custom Stage and Verification in the Project/Batch Type Properties > Workflow > Advanced:

In the document definition, there are two fields, and the document needs to go to the Custom Stage if any of these fields are empty. If they are both filled, then it should go to the Verification skipping the Custom Stage.

To do so:

  • Create a script rule in the Entry Conditions of the Custom Stage:


  • The sample C# script would be: 
Result.CheckSucceeded = false;

if (Document.Field(@"Letter\Field").Text == "" || Document.Field(@"Letter\Field2").Text == "")
Result.CheckSucceeded = true;

As a result, if both fields are not empty, the batch will go to the Verification:

 If any of the two fields is empty, it comes to the Custom Stage:

Please note this is a sample scenario and script. It will be required to adjust the logic according to the specific needs (i.e. the exit routes, what if the batch has several documents, etc.).

Additional information

Online Help: Workflow setup 

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