How to update license parameters of a FineReader PDF volume license


The parameters of the license have been changed, e.g. number of licenses or expiration date.

How to update the license parameters of the FineReader PDF volume license (Concurrent, Remote User, Per Seat)?


For Concurrent or Remote user licenses

Please update the license in the License Manager as follows:

  1. Open the License Manager utility.
  2. Select a serial number on the Serial numbers pane > click Update
    If several serial numbers need to be updated, select All Serial Numbers > click Update all.
  3. Follow the Update Wizard steps.
  4. After updating is complete, start FineReader PDF on the workstations.

For Per Seat licenses

Per Seat license updates should be made on the workstations that use FineReader PDF with these licenses:

  1. On the workstations, open FineReader PDF.
  2. Click Help > About.
  3. In the About dialog, click License Info.
  4. Select the license and click Update....
  5. Follow the Update Wizard steps.
  6. After updating is complete, it is possible to continue using FineReader PDF.

If updating the license parameters of the Per Seat license is required in the License Manager, please submit a request to our Support Team for further information.

Additional information

How to update license parameters of a FineReader PDF volume license without an Internet connection on a server

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