Some requests are denied with HTTP 401 error when trying to connect to FlexiCapture Cloud from Web Scanning Station: Error connecting to 'https://<region>'.


The user receives the message on Web Scanning Station:

Error connecting to 'https://<region>'


When a user at the Scanning Station has been authenticated via SSO, the token is received from the identity provider. The token is issued for a specific client's IP address. After successful authentication and receiving back a token, all the following requests to FlexiCapture Cloud are done using this token.

At FlexiCapture Cloud side, the client IP address is compared with the address the token was issued to. This is a standard security measure for the prevention of token stealing. In case the client IP address doesn't match the token IP address, FlexiCapture Cloud denies access to the service.

FlexiCapture Cloud doesn't support working with HTTP clients changing IP addresses of requests in one user session.


Try to re-configure the network to work with FlexiCapture Cloud always from one of the same public IP address in one user session.

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