HTML page is divided on more pages after converting it into a PDF document


An HTML page is broken into several pages after converting it into a PDF document.


If the HTML page is bigger than A4, it is separated into several pages that fit to the A4 format size. As FineReader PDF doesn’t contain a virtual PDF printer component since Release 3, some scenarios of HTML conversion have been changed.


As a workaround, to convert HTML pages bigger than A4 size, we recommend using Microsoft Print to PDF tool:

  1. Open HTML document in a web browser > Go to settings in a browser and choose Print > Select Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer.
  2. Choose a paper size or click More settings > Tick Fit to printable area option.
  3. Click Print to save a PDF document.
  4. Open the saved PDF document in FineReader PDF and convert it to a chosen format.

Additional information

FineReader PDF 16: Editable documents to PDF conversion functions discontinued since Release 3.

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