FineReader PDF interface language switches back to English when a user logs in on the terminal server


The interface language of FineReader PDF was set as e.g. German (or another language) in the program. Every time the user logs in on the terminal server, the interface language switches back to English. 


English might have been set as the interface language while deploying FineReader PDF, thus it is considered as default. 


Try to change the interface language in the Registry Editor as described below:

  1. Close FineReader PDF 16 and all its components.
  2. Launch the Registry Editor: press Windows + S on the keyboard and type regedit in the search field > right-click the Registry Editor > select Run as administrator.
  3. Find the following keys for FineReader PDF 16: 
  4. Back up both registry keys before making changes to them: select the key > go to the File menu > select Export:
  5. After the registry keys are saved, change the value in those registry keys for InterfaceLanguage:
  6. Select InterfaceLanguage > right-click it > select Modify > in the Value data field, type a language code (find a list below) > click OK:

Language codes:

0 English
1 Russian 
2 German
3 French
4 Ukrainian 
5 Spanish 
6 Italian 
7 Dutch 
8 Danish 
9 Swedish 
14 Slovak 
15 Polish 
16 Czech 
17 Hungarian 
22 Greek 
23 Bulgarian 
24 Turkish 
26 Japanese 
27 Portuguese Brazilian  
62 Vietnamese 
63 Korean 
64 Chinese Simplified 
65 Chinese Traditional 

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