Launching the OCR Editor


How to launch the OCR Editor of FineReader PDF and open a document in it?


There are several ways to launch the OCR Editor:

1. In the New Task window, click:

  • New Task > Open > Open in OCR Editor
  • or New Task > Tools > OCR Editor
  • or New Task > File > Open in OCR Editor...

2. In the PDF Editor, click:

3. Open the Windows Start menu and click ABBYY FineReader PDF > ABBYY FineReader OCR Editor (or click Start  > All Programs > ABBYY FineReader PDF > ABBYY FineReader OCR Editor in Windows 10).


It is possible to set up the OCR Editor to either open the last used project or create a new project when it is launched. To do this, click New Task > select File / Tools menu > Options... > General and select either Open a new OCR project or Open the last used OCR project.

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