Online Learning via Manual Review does not seem to have any affect.


There is a Document Skill inside a Process Skill. The Online Learning option is enabled for the skill. When learning is initiated by the user in the Document Skill editor by pressing the Train button, the skill is getting trained, and fields are extracted as expected. However, if documents are processed and corrected via Manual Review, the Document Skill does not seem to get trained at all.


Online learning works a bit differently than the training by an administrator in the Document Skill:

  • It does not trigger the training if the portion of the new documents is less than some threshold depending on the initial amount of samples in the document set.
  • The new training model has worse quality than the previous training model, so Vantage does apply it.


  • Process more samples. Use the following formula to calculate the approximate amount of new documents required: 1+(N*0.1) where N is the initial amount of documents in the document set before training.
  • Make sure the markup is consistent.

Additional information

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