FineReader PDF 16: Release 3 Update 2 build

Release Date: 03.08.2023


Part #: 1435.9, 1436.9, 1437.9, 1438.9

  • PDF Editor could crash when opening documents with a certain type of digital signature.
  • In “Differences” panel in Compare Documents, added text could overlap with the corresponding deleted text for the differences that are more than two lines long.
  • Internal program errors when opening PDF documents containing Type3 fonts in PDF Editor or OCR Editor.
  • Internal program error when saving some PDF documents as searchable in PDF Editor.
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters were replaced with rectangles if BIZ UDGothic font was applied when editing a document in PDF Editor.
  • After updating FineReader PDF on a user’s side, at first startup the error ERR_EN_SER_PARSE_XML_SOLID ERR_EN_SER_LOAD_MISSED could appear repeatedly. Note: this error can yet appear after updating from a previous release to the current Release 3 Update 2, but it will not repeat with further updates in future.
  • Internal program error that might happen when preparing PDFs containing text in Arabic and/or ligatures for editing in PDF Editor.
  • “Open document” option in “Save As” dialogue didn’t work for saving into searchable PDF.
  • When using PDF Viewer for network licenses together with Concurrent licenses, the software didn’t display all supported types of files in the shared folder on the “Mobile Application” tab once a Concurrent license has been obtained by a user.
  • Internal program error that happened when saving multiple pages into a new PDF from the "Organize pages" mode (tab) in PDF Editor.
  • In OCR Editor, if the user adjusted the order of recognition areas manually and then clicked "Recognize page" or "Recognize" buttons, the order of areas would reset to the automatically detected by the software.
  • "Image quality" setting didn't work when saving to Searchable PDF with MRC off which could result in loss of quality of images in the output PDF document.
  • The PDF version could be lowered when editing a PDF document (for example, a document with PDF v1.7 could become v1.5 after editing) or saving it in another PDF standard.
  • When converting documents in Hebrew into DOCX, order of numbers and adjacent Hebrew words could be reversed in the converted document.
  • In PDF Editor, pasting a picture from the clipboard into a PDF document switches the software to “Edit Content” mode (tab).

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