Does FlexiCapture Cloud has a "backup from the cloud" to restore a project?


There is a project with over 8,000 training batch classes, and if downloading a project using FCAdminTools it will take too long. Does FlexiCapture Cloud has a "backup from the cloud"?


There are regular backups of all FlexiCapture Cloud instances. There are no customer or tenant-specific backups. Everything is backed up (MongoDB, AzureSQL, FileStorage). The backups are made to be able to restore data loss or corruption due to a malfunction of the infrastructure and system (product) being in the maintenance responsibility of ABBYY. For example, due to a bug in FlexiCapture, a project configuration got corrupted for some reason. In this case, the backups will be used to restore the corrupted project configuration.
When the system operates in a normal mode, with no bugs, no issues with the infrastructure, etc. backing up the project configurations is the customer's sole responsibility. 

So the best option is to use the FCAdminTools in order to create a backup from the FlexiCapture Cloud.

Additional Information

FCAdminTools download project from server guide 

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