How to check the skill upload progress via SFTP?


How to check the skill upload progress via SFTP?



If the skill is too large to be uploaded via Vantage Portal when trying to upload such a skill via Skill Catalog there will be a dialog box with a link to a shared folder and its credentials.

After the archive with the skill is put into this shared folder using the SFTP client, the skill import will start. 

There's no clear indication of the skill upload progress, but users can check if the skill finished uploading using two ways: 

  • the folder used for the skill import inside the skill-import SFTP location is automatically removed;
  • navigate to Configuration > Security Log on Vantage Portal and select the log for all skills (the imported skill and its embedded skills will be logged with the "Skill imported" event).

The time for the upload for larger skills depends on the skill size and may take a while to finish. For example, the 5GB skill from the screenshot above took about 40 minutes to be imported.

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