Working with FREngineDistribution.csv file overlapping columns issue after "Text to Columns" tool


When you open it as-is in Excel, the data isn't just in column A. If it were, it would be easy to use the "Text to Columns" tool to break it all up into the proper columns. However, if you do that, you get a popup warning "There's already data here. Do you want to replace it?". Your only options are "OK" and "Cancel". If you click "OK", it breaks up the data into columns but overwrites data that is in column "B" (see attached image for data in "B"). If you say "Cancel", nothing happens.


When opening the original document in Excel, it knows it is a .csv file and it goes ahead and separates data based on commas, which shows occasionally, such as "x64,x86". This can be seen in the attached document, and it interferes with the appropriate parsing. The solution is to open a new empty Excel instance, go to the data tab, and use the "From Text" option of Get External Data to import the CSV data. This gives you the opportunity to separate by ONLY semicolons, not commas, and brings in the data into the proper format. 



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