Termination of synchronization with ABBYY Account in BCR for iOS

Starting from September 18, 2023, ABBYY Business Card Reader for iOS no longer supports the feature of synchronization with the ABBYY Account as well as the BCR Web platform.

However, all your scanned business cards, which are saved on your device, remain available and are not deleted from the application. You can continue working with the application as usual: scan, save, correct, and send business cards.

In order to transfer business cards to another device in the future, please follow the steps from the article: Saving a backup copy of the Cardholder in BCR for iOS. To make sure that all your cards are saved, you can back up your business card database before September 18, 2023.

Also, to ensure that you do not lose any important information, we recommend ensuring that iCloud backup is enabled.

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