ABBYY OCR Container 2.3.2

Release date: 29.08.2023
Build number: 

ICR new language and improvements

ABBYY OCR Container supports the following four languages for ICR:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

Handwritten is enabled by default for OCR in these languages.

In version 2.3.2, the handwriting recognition quality for French and Spanish forms, agreements, and some other document types has been improved.

The latest version demonstrates improved recognition accuracy for handwritten text areas such as ID
numbers, serial numbers, and other alphanumeric combinations in English, surpassing the performance of
previous versions.

Improvements to OCR Technologies

Further improvements to the quality of Japanese OCR

The quality of Japanese OCR in Vantage has been further improved for condensed and expanded
characters, as well as half-width katakana, with fewer OCR recognition errors caused by diacritics.

Rotate incorrectly oriented pages in digital-born PDFs

Automatic rotation preserves the text layer of PDF documents oriented incorrectly.
In previous versions, OCR was used to recreate the text layer. In version 2.3.2, incorrectly oriented pages
are automatically rotated and the original text layer is preserved.

Changes in deployment options

Options KestrelLimits_KeepAliveTimeout and RecognizeService_ProcessingTimeoutSeconds were
reviewed. Having them together wasn’t useful enough and thus KestrelLimits_KeepAliveTimeout was
deleted, while for RecognizeService_ProcessingTimeoutSeconds default value was increased to 3600
(60 minutes).

Also, now we support running container with arbitrary user IDs for OpenShift.

  • An "Access to /var/lib/ABBYY/Abbyy.Integration.OCRService was denied." error occurred when running the modified OpenShift deployment cluster sample. 
  • OCR Container and Vantage OCR skill produce different results for the same input
    document with similar parameters.

Note: In case of any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.

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