"The required license storage azure-fs is not available" error during the license activation in the License Manager


When trying to add a serial number to the FineReader PDF License Manager, the error message appears:

The required license storage azure-fs is not available. Check that the settings are correct. If you have any questions, please contact ABBYY technical support.


The error message appears if the license of FineReader PDF is designed for the Azure environment but it has not been configured in Azure.


To resolve the issue, activate the license as described in the System Administrator's Guide: Activating licenses in Azure Blob storage.

Note: Before adding the license to the License Manager, create and configure a Block Blob storage in Azure, and configure the NetworkLicenseServer.ini file. Then add the license to the License Manager.

If additional questions arise, please submit a request to the Support Team.

Additional information

Deployment of FineReader PDF in Microsoft Azure

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