The created PDF document is not searchable after export from FineReader PDF for iOS


The file was converted to a searchable PDF, but after sending it from FineReader PDF for iOS and opening it in another application, it is no longer searchable. 


The created PDF document was not exported as a Recognized document.


To create and export a searchable PDF in the FineReader for iOS application, the following steps should be done:

  1. In FineReader, take photos of a document > save the photos by tapping Use > Done.
  2. Tap the Recognize button below the created document > select Preserve text formatting.
  3. Tap Next > select the OCR languages  > select the result format Searchable PDF.
  4. Tap Recognize.
    The searchable PDF will be created.
  5. After the recognition, select the file and press the Send button.
  6. Select the Recognized document format. The file will be sent in the format selected as a resulting file format during the recognition. Then, select the sending method.

If the Document PDF option is selected, the application will send the created original PDF file. 

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