Error in Processing Skill: Error in SyncProcessing JS Script


Users encountering the Internal Server Error: Error in SyncProcessing JS script may observe the following symptoms:

  1. Error Message: The error message prominently appears during the execution of Processing Skill, indicating an internal server error related to the SyncProcessing JS script.

  2. Processing Disruption: The error disrupts the normal processing of scripts, impacting the overall functionality of the Processing Skill.


One potential cause of the "Internal Server Error: Error in SyncProcessing JS script" is related to the mapping of document skills inside the activity. If some document skills are not correctly mapped to their corresponding classes, it can trigger this error.


To resolve the issue associated with document skill mapping, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Processing Skill Editor: Open the Skill Catalog and select the problematic Processing Skill.

  2. Modifying the activity: In the editor, select an Extract activity, and on the "Actions" panel, select Edit Mapping.

  3. Correcting Map classes to Document Skills: Look at all the classes to ensure that each of them has the associated Document Skill.

  4. Make Corrections as Needed: Identify any discrepancies or missing mappings and proceed to make the necessary corrections by associating the correct document skills with their respective classes.

  5. Save Changes: After reviewing and updating the document skill mappings, save the changes and publish the skill to implement the corrections.


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