The documents are not included in the Documents set even when Online Learning is enabled


The counter of documents in the Documents Set is not being increased after performing Manual Review, even when the Online Learning feature is enabled in the Extract or Classify activity settings within the Process skill.


There may be two possible reasons for such behavior:

  1. The Process Skill refers to the incorrect version of the Document or Classification skill.
  2. The skill was edited and the changes were not discarded prior checking the latest Document Set state. 


First of all, it is necessary to verify that the latest version of the skill is selected.

To check if the Process skill contains the latest version of the Document or Classification skill, please perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Process skill in the Skill Designer
  2. Click on the settings icon near the skill name
  3. Check if latest skill version is selected in the Referenced Skills section

Once verified, access the Skill Catalog and locate the specific skill that is causing issues from the provided list. Discard any modifications made to the skill, if applicable, so that the selected version from the Process skill is preserved and unaltered. Reopen the Document or Classification skill. 

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