Concurrent license is assigned to the workstation instead of the PDF Viewer license


The FineReader PDF program is installed on multiple computers for the scenario of using a Concurrent license with an additional PDF Viewer license, but every time the users start the program, a Concurrent license is assigned to the workstation instead of the PDF Viewer license. 


Several possible reasons might cause the situation:

  1. The incorrect deployment of the program for such a scenario. For example, the acquired PDF Viewer license was not added to the administrative installation folder before the installation of the FineReader PDF program on the workstations. 
  2. The license file for the PDF Viewer license was placed in the administrative installation folder after the installation of the program on the workstations. 


  1. Delete the FineReader PDF program from all the workstations where it is installed (including deleting the specified program folders): How to completely remove FineReader PDF 16 for Windows.
  2. Place the acquired license file for the PDF Viewer license into the previously created administrative installation folder C:\administrative installation folder name (by default: AdminPoint)\Bin\OpenLicenses.
  3. After completing the previous steps, install FineReader PDF onto workstations using one of the following methods:
    - manually in interactive mode;
    - via the command line;
    - using Active Directory;
    - using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).
    For detailed instructions, consult the corresponding section of the FineReader PDF 16 System Administrator's Guide: Installing ABBYY FineReader PDF 16 on Workstations.
  4. To install FineReader PDF onto a workstation in interactive mode, open the Administrative installation folder (C:\AdminPoint) on the workstation, run Setup.exe, and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.
  5. After the installation is completed, run FineReader PDF on the workstation, it should not take a license from the License Server. The program will work in the PDF Viewer mode.

To edit or process the document, request a Concurrent license from the License Server by pressing the Edit this document or Request license button. The workstation will receive the Concurrent license from the License Server and the status of a license in the License Manager will be changed to "In use by user user_name".

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