How to preserve the applied (non-Windows Standard) font of the PDF document for opening in the browser


After applying the installed (non-Windows Standard) font in FineReader PDF for PDF document, the font is not preserved for this PDF document when opening it in the browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Chrome).


Peculiarities of displaying text with a specific font in a particular browser.


Resolution 1. Saving the document as an Image-Only PDF and opening it in the browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge) as described in the User's Guide article: Saving in PDF.

The specified font will be preserved.

Resolution 2. Creating a PDF/A document: open the file in FineReader PDF > go to File Options.. > open Format Settings tab > tick the option "Create PDF/A" > OK (as per screenshot below):

After saving the document and opening it in the browser, the font will be preserved.

Additional information 

The font is not available for the Text Box and Edit options in FineReader PDF

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