"Invalid serial number" error during activation of FineReader PDF for Mac


When trying to activate FineReader PDF for Mac with a serial number, the error message appears:

Invalid serial number. The serial number you entered is invalid. Please provide a valid serial number to activate ABBYY FineReader PDF.


The error message may appear due to the causes specified below:

  1. Misprint in the serial number entered to activate the program.
  2. The serial number used for activation corresponds to a different version of FineReader (the FineReader PDF for Windows version or the FineReader Pro for Mac version).


To resolve the issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check the correctness of the serial number entered.
  2. Make sure that the serial number corresponds to the FineReader PDF for Mac version.
    Please consult the articles:
    Using FineReader PDF on Windows and macOS
    Activating FineReader PDF for Mac with the serial number for FineReader Pro for Mac

If the serial number has been entered correctly and corresponds to the FineReader PDF for Mac version but the error still appears, please submit a request to our Support Team and provide the serial number and a screenshot of the error message.

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