Deploying FineReader PDF with the PDF Viewer license for the Remote User license type


How to install FineReader PDF on multiple computers for the scenario of using the Remote User license with an additional PDF Viewer license?


For some users to use the FineReader PDF Viewer to work with PDF documents and other users to have a Remote User license for features of document editing or processing, the FineReader PDF program needs to be deployed with the PDF Viewer license file.

Note: Requires a suitable FineReader PDF license. The license file for FineReader PDF Viewer license can be acquired from a sales representative during the purchase of the Remote User license for FineReader PDF.

Here are the steps to install FineReader PDF in the local network (mass installation) for the scenario of using the Remote User license with an additional PDF Viewer license:

  1. On the Server, download the distributive package from the link.

    Note: The Server machine (which will be used as a License Server) should be always accessible from all workstations by the server name.

  2. Run the downloaded *.exe file. It will be extracted into the temp folder (e.g. C:\temp\FR16), and after that, the AutoRun Wizard starts automatically.
  3. In the AutoRun Wizard window, choose Mass installation > Install and activate using the License Manager > Step 1. Install the License Server and the License Manager.
    Follow the steps of the Installation Wizard. The License Server and License Manager will be installed on this Server.
    During this step, it is possible to specify the folder where the License Manager should be installed.
  4. Run the FineReader PDF License Manager, add and activate the acquired serial number for the Remote User license in it.

    Note: Do not activate the serial number of the PDF Viewer license in the License Manager.

  5. Reserve the Remote User licenses in the FineReader PDF License Manager only for those users who should use all the program features. The information on the license reservation is available in the Help section of FineReader PDF License Manager. 
  6. In the AutoRun Wizard window, complete Step 2. Create an administrative installation point.
    Follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard. During this step, specify the name of the server where the License Server is installed and the UNC path to the shared folder where the administrative installation point will be created (by default - C:\AdminPoint).

    Note: A server's IP address can be used instead of its name.

  7. Close the AutoRun Wizard window and the Installation Wizard.
  8. Place the acquired license file for the PDF Viewer license into the folder C:\aministrative installation folder name (by default: AdminPoint)\Bin\OpenLicenses

    Note: Steps 5 and 8 should be completed before the installation of the program on the workstations.

  9. After completing the previous steps, install FineReader PDF onto workstations using one of the following methods:
    - manually in interactive mode;
    - via the command line;
    - using Active Directory;
    - using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).
    For detailed instructions, consult the corresponding section of the FineReader PDF 16 System Administrator's Guide: Installing ABBYY FineReader PDF 16 on Workstations.
  10. To install FineReader PDF onto a workstation in interactive mode, open the Administrative installation folder (C:\AdminPoint) on the workstation, run Setup.exe, and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.
  11. After this is completed, run FineReader PDF on the workstations. The workstation the Remote User license is reserved for should receive a license from the Server. For other workstations, the program will work in the PDF Viewer mode.

Additional information 

FineReader 16 System Administrator's Guide

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