Vantage 2.6


Key improvements

Improvements in built-in skills


  • New fields named "Bank Account" and "Bank Code" added to the Invoice US and Invoice CA skills
  • New field named "Swift Code" added to the Invoice and Invoice ES skills
  • Address parsing implemented in the Invoice US skill

Purchase orders

  • Improved extraction quality for French documents
  • Added a Splitter skill to split files containing multiple purchase orders


  • New countries supported: Hungary, Slovakia, and Serbia
  • Added the ability to extract handwritten amounts

Skills for delivery notes, packing lists, and sea waybills

Skills have been re-trained to improve extraction quality

Tax forms

  • Tax forms for the year 2023 are now supported (the only exception being Form 1040 for 2023,
    the support for which will be added in an upcoming release)
  • Added the ability to extract handwritten text from Form 1095-A
  • Added documentation for the Form 8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets document skill


Rules have been updated in many skills to prevent incorrect adding or deletion of line items in cases
when some cells are filled in using rules. Additionally, post-processing scripts are now applied to final
values, allowing the re-training of field locations if needed, and ensuring correct post-processing.

Improvements to exported PDF files

When exporting multi-page photos to PDF, Vantage will now automatically adjust the page sizes to ensure consistency, resulting in improved visual quality of output.
This enhancement is particularly beneficial for photos of IDs, business cards, and other documents with
non-standard page dimensions. For documents with A4 page sizes, the export process remains

Vantage Mobile Input SDK (Early Access)

Vantage Mobile Input can be integrated into native iOS or Android applications by using the Vantage
Mobile Input SDK. The VMI SDK provides a list of API methods for capturing, saving, and uploading
documents directly from a mobile device to ABBYY Vantage.
The Vantage Mobile Input distribution package includes a code sample that shows how to use the API,
and provides examples of typical scenarios, and documentation describing how to integrate the VMI SDK
into iOS and Android applications. You can get early access to the Vantage Mobile Input SDK library
using the following links:

  • In the Extraction Rules activity, it was not possible to order repeating group elements other than from top to bottom.
  • Trying to publish a specific customer's skill resulted in a 500 error.
  • The script for using a catalog did not work if the element was inside a group.
  • The User-Agent header for bridge worker HTTP requests, which is mandatory for some systems, was not added.
  • A Vantage API /transactions endpoint request called for a Process skill that had not yet processed any transactions returning a misleading 404 error response.
  • Vantage API /documents and /fields endpoint requests returned only the header of the report.
  • Some of the transactions were missing from Vantage API /transactions/completed responses while they were present in /fields and /documents responses.
  • Some rules worked incorrectly. After deleting all rows from Line Items table fields, rows disappeared before reappearing again.
  • HAWB number was not captured by the Air Waybill skill on some documents.
  • A trained model was not applied to documents uploaded to or processed by a specific customer's document skill.
  • The Sea Waybill skill extracted some data incorrectly.
  • For some documents the accuracy of the Containers table was low.
  • Dividends and Distributions group values were not captured on Form 1099 Composite for the year 2023.
  • A “Located Incorrectly” error was returned for correctly detected fields.
  • Handwritten text recognition results differed for Document skills and Process skills.
  • Uploading documents to a skill with trained checkmark elements failed with an internal program error.
  • Addresses on custom documents were not captured in their entirety.
  • The accuracy of a derived skill created from the Invoice US skill decreased more than expected after retraining on specific documents.
  • Repeating group elements were output in random order in SON files.
  • License counters were updated with a delay of ~6 minutes.
  • The Skill Designer only appeared after opening a skill or performing some actions within it.
  • After deleting a skill or skill version, the statistics in the Skill Monitor disappeared.
  • Source file names did not appear in the Skill Monitor.
  • In the French-language UI of the Skill Monitor, the last item in the time period selection drop-down menu incorrectly said "Les 7 derniers jours" instead of "Les 14 derniers hours."
  • Training failed after updating the Technology Core of the Document skill to version 2.4.
  • The description of the Skill Designer role permissions was out of date.

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