How to export Vantage skills?


How to export Vantage skills?



To export a skill please follow the procedure:
 1. Select the skill that will be exported by left-clicking on it anywhere except the name and click Export on the toolbar.

2. In the dialog box that will open, disable the "Export skill with document set" option if the document set that was used to train the skill shouldn't be exported.
3. Click the Export button. Doing so will archive the skill to a ZIP folder, which may take some time. Once the archive is ready, it will begin downloading automatically. The exported skill will be saved to the local Downloads folder.
Skills with large document sets (more than 100 documents) are exported via the SFTP protocol. Once the export is finished, an e-mail from Vantage with a link to the shared folder and the credentials will be forwarded. The link itself contains all the credentials so there is no need to copy the username and password separately. This folder is deleted after 14 days due to the retention policy.

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