What’s the difference between the ABBYY FineReader mobile app and ABBYY FineScanner?

The FineReader mobile app is a client app used for connecting to the FineReader Online service. You must be a FineReader subscriber to use this app. You can buy a FineReader subscription by following this link. After you activate your subscription, you will be able to access FineReader functionality on all platforms—Web, Windows, iOS, and Android. With the FineReader mobile app installed on your mobile device, you can scan documents, recognize (OCR) scanned texts in 190+ languages, and save results in twelve document formats, such as DOCX, PDF or TXT.


FineScanner, on the other hand, is a mobile app in its own right. It is available for iOS and Android and allows you to scan documents and books, recognize scanned texts, and send results to cloud services. To learn more about FineScanner’s capabilities, please follow this link.

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