How to use ABBYY FineReader Client for Android

Note: In June 2020 ABBYY announces the process of sunsetting FineReader Mobile Client for Android and iOS platforms. More information about how to continue using the app is published in the article.

ABBYY FineReader Client enables you to scan documents and add text layer to the images (recognize).

How do I scan a document?

  1. Press Camera button in the bottom right corner of the screen;
  2. Take photos using  the device camera or select images from albums;
  3. When all the needed images are added tap ">" sign in the bottom right corner of the screen;
  4. If necessary, crop or rotate image and select colour filter using toolbar. Then press Save button.

How do I send an image-only scan?

  1. Press Menu button next to document’s name;
  2. Select Share > Send as or Send via email;
  3. Select format and quality and press OK;
  4. Select application to complete the action.

How do I recognize the document?

  1. Tap Recognize next to the document name;
  2. Select recognition language, text format and tap Recognize the text;
  3. The document will be sent to recognition. When recognition is completed, document will be marked with a blue label with the format name;
  4. To open the document, press the blue label and select the application;
  5. To send the recognized document press Menu > Share > Send as or Send via email and select required format.

Please read the important information in the following article - Why cannot I use\find FineReader Mobile Client application?

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