TWAIN drivers that begin with WIA- are not supported in FineReader 14 and FineReader PDF 15

This type of drivers (Twain Data Source On WIA) are not supported in FineReader 14 and FineReader PDF 15. If it's possible, install the TWAIN driver downloaded from the scanner manufacturer’s website.

More details: Microsoft provides a TWAIN wrapper for some WIA drivers. This allows applications that cannot use WIA drivers to see these WIA drivers as TWAIN. When using a TWAIN driver with FineReader 12 or earlier versions, you may see a TWAIN driver that begins with "WIA -".

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    Hernan Orelle

    Yo NECESITO INSTALAR LOS DRIVERS DEL SP-1120 en mi pc. Recien he adquirido el AbbyFinereader16 y Microsoft informa que no hay drivers instalados.

    Espero su ayuda

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Hernan,

    Note, that FineReader supports WIA and TWAIN compatible drivers only. If after downloading drivers from the official website from your scanner manufacturer you still have difficulties with FineReader, please try to scan in another application (if it doesn't work, please contact the scanner manufacturer's support) or create a support ticket and we will try to help you. 


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